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Architecture & Interior Design & Turnkey Services


Greenvorx is a design consultancy company, aiming to build an outstanding profile in both residential and commercial spaces. Our talented design team brings a diversity of creativity and originality coupled with deep-rooted technical experience to each and every project, resulting in exceptional interiors as well as architecture. Our objective is to take the clients from concept to completion in an atmosphere that is professional and sensitive to their design needs. Greenvorx is an avenue for

  • Workshop for ideas and creative criticism

  • Creativity and space planning

  • Design development

  • Timeless design solutions

  • Sustainable Architecture solutions.

  • Design management and site supervision during execution.

  • Cost control



Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy revolves around creativity and originality along with functionality and ease of use. We believe that innovation expression and creativity are essential when developing a design but to acquire a truly refined and balanced space, attention to detail and a thorough understanding of medium are vital. Our professional team strives to achieve “Out of Box“ solutions by incorporating artistic knowledge and technical experience to ensure quality to living environment. To attain high standards of construction, design ideas pass through several stages before finalizing and execution.

Architecture & Interior Consulting Methodology

In order to tailor our offerings to match your needs, please send your inquiries to and our sales representative will get intouch with you for further discussion on the opportunity.

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