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Multivendor TAC Support Services for IP Networks

Greenvorx is providing Multivendor Support Services for IP Networks on International Standards of TAC Support Model through a Global Partner Multiven providing such services across many customers globally. The offered services are tailored for Internet Network Cyber Defense and Maintenance, including technical support, software support and hardware replacement (if applicable) performed by Multiven for end-customers.

Service Offering are structured into packages to meet every customer support requirements.

Multiven Pearl Guard - Internet network cyber-defense services includes during or post-breach only 24x7 remote technical support, cyber attack neutralization, post attack software and configuration restoration, and advanced replacement of hardware damaged from cyber-attack.

Multiven Pearl - Internet network maintenance services includes unlimited 24x7 remote technical support, software support and advanced hardware replacement.

Multiven Pearl Lite - Internet network maintenance services includes unlimited 24x7 remote technical support, and software support.

VNS Support - Whether your NFVI is limited to a single location or is global, Multiven will provide north-to-south, east-to-west software maintenance of its physical and virtual x86 compute, storage and networking resources along with all operational virtual and non-virtual network functions.

Resident Engineer Service - In order to complete Remote TAC Support Services offered by Multiven Services, we can offer IP & Compute Experts as Resident Engineers as well in case of customer requirements to be offered separately.

If you click on each of the offered service packages, complete services descriptions are available to download.

|| Multiven Company Profile is also here to download for understanding ||

In order to tailor our offerings to match your needs, please send your inquiries to and our sales representative will get intouch with you for further discussion on the opportunity.

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